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Posted on 02 Mar 2012 12:39

What’s the trend of the internet today? Guess what? Selling information! That’s what many people are doing on the internet. More and more people want to sell information product to earn easy money online. Mind you, selling information product is indeed a lucrative business model. However, it’s not easy to attract people to buy your info product. Want to learn some tips to attract more buyers for your product? Here they are:

1. Introduce your product to the right audience

Do not try to sell product to people who are not interested in it. While you may make some sales promoting product to the wrong audience, you are not really making good sales. You have to meet people who are genuinely interested in your product, at least indirectly. You have to understand who your target market is and you have to narrow it down. Laser targeted traffic is the best way to attract more buyers.

2. Create scarcity for your product

I once bought a product in a big discount because of scarcity. The seller was suddenly cut the price of the product—it’s 60% off. However, the seller only gave the deal for 24 hours. After that, the price will be back to normal again. Of course, I’ve been interested in this product and with this sudden price drop I couldn’t resist to buy this product immediately. This is what scarcity factor can do.

If you want to attract more buyers, create a scarcity factor for your product. It can be a limited-time discount, or it can be a limited product stock. This is a powerful motivator to attract more people to buy your product.

3. Build credibility for your product

Most people buy product because of the credibility of the product. That’s why creating credibility is important if you want to sell your product more. One positive feedback from a well-known expert will create a good credibility for your product. Good overall feedbacks from your customers will also build credibility for your product. Being a member of BBB is another way to build credibility.

Credibility can be created in many ways. However, the goal is to create trust between you and your visitors. When you include as much credibility factors as possible, you’ll sell your product better.

4. Make your audience need your product

By integrating your product with the life of your audience, you will be able to persuade more people to buy. Let’s think about it. When you’re exhausted and want to buy a drink, why do you decide to buy that drink? Isn’t it because you need it?

Yes, most people buy things because they need that thing in their life. You bought your TV set because you need it for entertainment. You bought that fitness equipment because you want to keep your body healthy and fit. You bought that washing machine because you need to save time washing your clothes. And the list goes on.

If you can convince people that they need your product, they will buy it. However, the catch is that you have to make them think that they need your product.

Those are some handy tips that you can use to attract more people to buy your info product. First, you have to meet with the right audience. Second, you have to make your product a scarcity. Third, you have to show them that your product is credible and trustworthy. And fourth, you will need to make them need your product. Use those tips wisely.

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