cognitiveseo offers a variety of seo tools. It offers a free 14-day trial if you want to try it. However they don't collect their own data like seoprofiler.

Inbound Links Analysis

Tool for analyzing inbound links for own website and for competitor's websites.

Inbound Link Portfolio

  • Portfolio of links from other websites with lots of details.

Inbound link Analysis

  • Which anchor texts are used in inbound links.

Top Sub-Domains

  • Which sub-domains have inbound links.

Inbound Link Profiles

  • Very interesting data.
  • Shows the types of websites that link to your website.
  • Some categories are Blogs, Forums, Ecommerce, Social Media, Press Releases, etc.

Inbound Link Charts

  • How many links are Live, Lost, or Supplemental

inbound Link Timeline

For tracking the historical evolution of the analyzed site.

Link Management

With this tool you can monitor changes of links.

Rank Tracking

Track the rankings of your website and other websites.


TODO list for the above tools.