Competitor Analysis

Finding Competition


  • Find sites that rank for your targeted keywords.
  • Local competition: Find business in your area that are similar to yours.

Keyword-Based Competitor Research

The manual approach

With the manual approach, you run all the keywords on your keyword list through the major search engines (Google, Yahoo!, or Bing).

For each competitor URL, run Google’s related: command to find any additional competitors you may have missed. Repeat this process until you have run out of keywords.

Analyze your competitors’ sites using website analysis.

You can monitor your competitors by subscribing to their feeds. If they don't have feeds you can still monitor them using page2rss

Future State Tracking

Existing competitor tracking

  • Subscribe to their feeds.
  • Set up daily monitor script to watch for changes.

New competitor detection

You can detect new competitors by performing competitor research and
analysis again.

Finding Links of Competitors

Google Blog Search

  • type
  • Find quality sites that provide links.
  • Sort by relevancy or date.