CRO Process


Conversion Rate Optimization is a continuous process.

Step 1: Goals

  • Get web analytics in website.
  • Decide the main conversion goals
  • Understand what drives these goals
  • Define metrics so that you can measure success

Step 2: Measure

To measure your website you need three elements:

  1. Analytics: Produces data for different people.
  2. Surveys: The voice of the customers.
  3. User Testing: See how visitors are using the site.

Step 3: Analysis

The aim here is to take the measurements in step 2 and find the biggest problems.

  • Find the problem areas
  • Investigate the detail
  • Get user perspective
  • Build solutions

Step 4: Implementation

  • Implementing the test strategy.
  • Analyse funnels

Step 5: Test


  • CRO should not be done once. It is a continual process of improvement.