Custom Reports


A custom report is like a table. Metrics are the columns and dimensions are the rows.

Metric (columns)

A metric is a quantitative measure of how visitors interact with your site. Metrics include things like pageviews, time on page and bounce rate . The important thing to remember here is that metrics are always numerical. Metrics will be your column headings, horizontally across the top of your report.

Dimension (rows)

A dimension is a characteristic of a visitor or a page on your website that you can use to organize your metrics. Dimensions are almost always text, such as "new" vs "returning" (visitor type) or "North America" vs "Europe" (region). Dimensions will make up the rows in your report and will let you drill-down to multiple levels of detail.

How to create a custom report

When to use custom reports

  • Combine metrics from multiple reports.
  • Create relevant drilldowns: So you can break visitor behavior into workable segments, with more precision.
  • Simplify reports for sharing.