Essential Parts of a Freelancer's Website


A freelancer needs it's own website. His personal website has many uses:

  1. For promoting services/products
  2. For showing current/old work (portfolio)
  3. Providing the information for anyone that wants to learn about him

Front Page

  • Text that explains briefly what you do. More details should be given in the Services section.
  • Link to services
  • Link to portfolio: A slideshow that shows previous work is a nice idea.
  • Contact Details: Make your contact details clear and easy to find.


  • List of services
  • Explain exactly what you do.


  • Previous/current projects
  • Previous/current clients

About Us


  • List of posts
  • Write often
  • Provide useful content

Contact Form

  • Essential
  • Keep it simple


  • Search box
  • Visitors can use it to find what they are looking for