Google Analytics Profiles And Accounts
Table of Contents


A profile is a group of rules and settings that define the reports that you see. These include goal and filter settings, default page and website URL values, and user access levels.

There will most often be one profile per domain; however, it's also possible to create duplicate profiles which use the same tracking code (and therefore collect the same data), but to which different settings are applied. The result is a profile with different report data generated from the same source data. This setup is useful for testing filters or when more than 4 goals and funnels are required on a single site.

Settings applied at the profile level include:

  • Available report categories and dashboards
  • Currency
  • URL query parameter exclusions
  • Goals and funnels
  • Filters
  • User-level access
  • AdWords cost data imports (linking to an AdWords account is done on an account level)


An account is a collection of profiles.

The following settings are applied globally to the account:

  • Admin access (Account Administrators have access to all reports and profiles in your account).
  • Linking to an AdWords account.