Guest Posts


Guests posts are posts in blogs written by other writers other than the owner. Usually the guests are allowed to have links to their websites.

How to do Guest Posts

1. Find Blogs
Find your favorite blogs and read their guest posting guidelines.
How to find blogs accepting guest posts
2. Study Blogs
Study the content and the target audience of these blogs.

3. Read previous posts
Maybe a post with similar idea like yours has already be writtern.

4. Decide on your idea
It should be good enough for a post with more than 300 words.

5. Decide on the title
The title should look appealing and clickable.

6. Link on Previous posts
This will show that you respect the blog you choose to post.

7. Bio
Add your own short byline to the bottom of the post with a link to your blog.

8. Submit your post

9. Promote your post
Through social media websites, emails, anything.

10. Answer to comments

Websites for Guest Blogging

My Blog Guest

myblogguest: Forum where users can look for authors or look for blogs. This is the only website you need.


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