How To Reduce Bounce Rate


  • Bounce rate over 60% is not good and must be reduced.

Ways to Reduce Bounce Rate

Monitor bounce for different Segments

  • geography/language
  • browser/OS
  • traffic sources

Check Meta Data

Check meta data and make sure that keywords you are using have low bounce rates.

Reduce Loading Time

The loading time is not only an important factor in SEO, but it is also a significant factor in keeping a visitor.

Content is King

  • Make sure your content is updated regularly and is always relevant.
  • Place your offer above the fold: Offer to the visitors what they expect right in the top of the page.
  • Place search of website on top.
  • Remove autoplay videos: Every time I visit a website that has an autoplay video I just close the browser tab.
  • Internal Linking: By internal linking your visitors can know about other paegs of your site without having to search for it.

Use In-Page Analytics

Use in-page analytics to see what areas have the largest percentage of clicks.