How To Use Google Analytics For Getting Better Results


Using the data from Google Analytics you can make changes in your website that will give you real results. Following is the methodology suggested.

Business Objectives

Business objectives are a way for a company to define its goals and direction. You have to make sure that the business objectives are D.U.M.B:

  • Doable:Doable objectives answer the question, “How will this objective be accomplished?”
  • Understandable: Everybody needs to understand these objectives.
  • Manageable: Your objectives need to be measurable otherwise it is difficult to know if you are making progress.
  • Beneficial: An objective must benefit your company and be something that you want to work toward.


Goals are a way to measure your business objectives.


Business Objective Goal
sell more books increase hits in the "thank-you" page
increase visibility get hits to a landing page

Website KPIs

KPI: Key Performance Indicators.

Recommended KPIs:

  • Visitor Loyalty: How many people are actually returning to your website.
  • Conversation Rate: conversation rate indicates your audience’s level of engagement. Some examples are:
    • Number of comments per post
    • Twitter: Number of replies and retweets per day.
    • Facebook: Number of likes.
  • Task Completion Rate: How many people actually performed the action they set to perform.
  • Economic Value: How much are your visitors worth.


A segment is a group that is identified by their acquisition, behavior and outcome.

  • Acquisition: How you attract people to your website (SEO, email, banner ads and PPC marketing).
  • Behavior: What activities people perform at your website.
  • Outcomes: Includes all the activities that are valuable to your business.