How To Write A Press Release


A press release, is a written statement to the media. They can announce different news item or even generate a feature story.


  • Does the press release clearly state the news angle in the title?
  • Does the summary elaborate on the news angle stated in the title?
  • Is the title written in title case?
  • Does the body of the press release go right into the news announcement, without any hype or build up?
  • Use of formal language. Avoid using "you" and "we".
  • Does the press release title contain your primary 1 keyword?
  • Does the summary contain your secondary keywords?
  • Does the press release body contain the three target keywords?
  • Have you included at least 1 full URL in your press release (in case it is republished without anchor text?)


  • Should be written as you want it to appear in a news story.
  • Start with the date and location.
  • Write the first sentence, the lead which should grab the reader and say exactly what is happening.
  • Expand 1-2 sentences upon the lead.
  • Write the body copy which should be compact.
  • Write a paragraph that sums up the press release.


  • Include information about the company.
  • After the title, use a paragraph to describe your company.
  • At the end of this section, point to your website and add contact information.