Introduction To Adwords
  • Seach engines help users find information they are looking for online.
  • Most search engines provide two kinds of results:
    • Organic (or free) results. For a website to rank well in organic results SEO is needed.
    • Paid results
  • Google AdWords uses a combination of factors to rank paid listings.
  • Ads can be text ads, images, audio streams and even videos.
  • Goals of online advertising
    • Direct response: When you want the user to perform an action after clicking through your ad.
    • Branding: When you want the user to learn more about your product, service or cause.
  • Benefits of AdWords:
    • Relevance: Ability to show ads to target audience based on their interests, location, language and demographic.
    • Return on Investment (ROI): Online advertising is measurable, making it easy to understand if you are meeting your goals or not.
    • Reach: Ensuring that your website is visible when users are searching what you are offering.