landing page


A conversion is what you want the user to do, once he reaches a page.

  • Fill a form
  • Download something
  • add something in a shopping cart

Landing Page

A landing page is a page that a user is brought to when they click on a link.


Landing Page Optimization.

  1. Choose the landing pages that are important. A good tool is google analytics.
  2. Identify which pages are already driving good amount of traffic, and try to improve those.
  3. Test them
    1. A/B split testing: Experimenting with two different versions of a Web page.
    2. multivariate testing: After the A/B tests. You can test multiple elements within a landing page, and conduct more detailed analyses of these elements to see what creates a succssful page.
    3. Heat Maps: Where the average user's eyes go on a web page.