Link Building Techniques

1. Linkbait

  • Content is King!
  • Viral content attracts links from bloggers, forums and other websites.
  • Viral content is difficult to create and promote, but once successful it can achieve lots of links.

2. Links through Embedded Content

  • By offering different forms of embedded content (widgets, badges etc) you earn links.
  • Examples:
    • Widgets
    • Plugins/modules
    • themes

3. Manual Link Submission

  • Find relevant web pages
  • Approach webmasters and ask for a link
  • This is difficult to achieve but the link quality is very high.

4. Competitive Link Research

  • Google top keywords
  • Make list of Competitors
  • Use Open Site Explorer by SeoMoz to find websites that link to competitors.
  • Try to get your website included in these websites.
  • Also difficult to achieve but you can get good links.

5. Link Exchange

  • Reciprocal links
  • Simple technique but the quality of links can vary.

6. Paid Links

  • Money for links.
  • An example is Yahoo directory.
  • Huge scalability but very low quality on links.

7. Reclaiming Links

  • Find links to broken resources and re-point them to active pages.
  • Internal: With Google Webmaster Tools you can see pages on your web page that are issuing errors and the list of links that point to them. You can do a 301 redirection of the broken pages.
  • External: Broken Link Building

8. Communities

  • Find forums anb blogs relevant to your market
  • Subscribe to RSS.
  • Add link to your signature
  • Start commenting
  • List of Blogs
  • List of Forums

9. Content

  • Write Testimonials: Write about products/services you've bought. There is a good change to get a link in exchange.

10. Social Media Networks

11, Directories

12. Reciprocal Links

13. Finding Related Websites

14. Starting a Blog

A blog is great for internal linking.

15. Ask People

Don't forget that websites are controlled by people. There are many ways to connect with those people and ask for a link eventually:

  1. Connect through social media websites (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Google+)
  2. Send them an email.
  3. Connect with them through forums.
  4. Connect with them by commenting on their posts.

16. Profile Links

  • Youtube

17. Directory Submission

  • There are some free directories where you can get links from.
  • Our suggestion is Directory maximizer

18. RSS Directories

19. Web Camera

  • Install a web camera in an interesting location and submit it to earthcam

20. Helping

  • Helping webmasters: find broken links.
  • Fix grammar/spelling of their website.
  • Update old content.