• Explain your business
  • add your website
  • Add details: telephone, address, services, products
  • connect with employees, clients, customers and people that will help build your authority.
  • Get personal: use the summary section to add personal notes about yourself.

What to do in LinkedIn

1. Share stories

  • Share stories with professional contacts
  • You can view stories in Main Menu > News > LinkedIn Today

2. Status Updates

  • You can search for updates to see find out what are people talking about.
  • You can narrow your search by region, career, etc.

3. Post on your company's page

  • You can post company news, job openings and share links.

4. Optimize URL

  • Choose a custom URL for your profile.
  • To change it go to Main Menu > Profile > Edit Profile > Scroll down and click Edit next to Public profile url

5. Join Related Groups

  • LinkedIn has many groups that you can relate according to your profession.
  • These groups are a good way to stay update and also make connections with people of your industry.

6. LinkedIn Apps

  • LinkedIn has lots of useful apps that can help you expand your profile

7. Sync

  • You can sync LinkedIn with Twitter.
  • This way all your tweets will be shown in your LinkedIn status.
  • You can do that at Main Menu > Settings > Profile > Additional information > Twitter
  • If you tweet a lot you can use the option to show only tweets that contain the hash #in or #li