Long Tail Keywords


  • Keyword phrases composed of three or more words that are more specific than a single keyword.
  • These are usually more likely to convert to sales than shorter

Finding Long Tail Keywords

Extracting from Relevant Web Pages

  1. Extract top 50 keyphrases from keyword research.
  2. Search Google, Yahoo and Bing for each term.
  3. For each page in the top 20 results, extract the unique usable text on the page.
  4. Remove stop words and filter by phrase size.
  5. Remove instances of terms/phrases already in your keyword research database.
  6. Sort through the most common parts first and comb as far down as you feel valuable.

Using Google Suggest

Type the suggested keywords to get recommendations.

Mining Keyword Research Tools

  • If you discover a long tail term in your tool, it is likely that people will use similar term.
  • For example you found pizza san diego delivery, then it is likely that people will search for pizza orlando delivery also.

User-Generated Content Strategies

  • Great way to have lots of content that will help attract long tail traffic.
  • Forums, reviews, blog comments and a way to upload videos or images.
  • The downside is that you have to moderate it.
  • Also is difficult to establish an online community like a forum.


  • Use of keywords varies over time. For example, major holidays lead to burst of keyword volume related to those holidays.
  • Important to have your site visible for those terms before a specific holiday.
  • Use Google Trends for specific terms.