onsite analysis

Keywords in the title Tag

The page title appears in the SERPs, so make them concise and relevant.
Words found in the title tag are also in the page itself.

Keywords in the Page URL

Keywords in a page URL are useful.

Keywords in the Page Copy

Target up to three keywords per page.

Keyword Proximity

Keyword proximity refers to how close two or more keywords are to each other in page

Good Example: We sell green iPods at a discounted rate.
Bad Example: We sell discounted iPods in various colors including white, green and

Keyword Prominence

The earlier your keywords are found within the physical HTML file, the better.

Keywords in the Link Anchor Text

All links should contain relevant keywords in the link anchor text.

Keywords in outbound links

Using keywords in outbound links is a good idea.

H1 Tags

H1s are important for users but not necessarily for search engines anymore.

Alt text with Images

All images should have alt text on all publicly accessible pages.

W3C Validation Report

W3C Validation Service examines the html coding for errors. The W3C reads each line of code, then renders a report. HTML validation should be conducted for better search engine crawling.

XML Sitemap

XML sitemap helps search engines to analyze websites better.

Heat Maps

Heat maps are places on your website where users mostly click or hover their mouse.
Once knowing their location you can reorder your important information or even reorder your ads.