Relevance of Keywords

Understanding the relevance of keywords

An easy way to understand the relevance of keywords is to give answers to the following questions:

  • Does this keyword have to do anything with my website?
  • Is it related with one of my products or services?
  • Does it explain what my website has to offer?
  • If a keyword uses this keyword would by website offer appropriate content?

High vs. Low Relevance

  • High relevance: keywords with high relevance will represent your website better. If you gave positive answers to the above questions, then you have a high relevance keyword.
  • Low relevance: These keywords might have low relevance to your business model, but if you have appropriate content, then the user might appreciate your website and remember it. So low relevance keywords are great opportunities to strengthen your brand. Let's say for example you have a hotel in Cyprus. You might want to add a page with a nice cyprus map with interesting places to visit. This might have low relevance but it's useful content and is something that people look for.