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  • Bounce Rate [edit]

The percent of visitors that leave your site after only 1 page.

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Cost Per Action. SEO Dictionary

Cost Per Click. CPC indicates measurement of cost on a per-click basis for contracts not based on click-throughs.

CPM is Cost-per-1000 Impressions

SEO Dictionary

Conversion Rate Optimization.

Click through rate. The amount of times an ad is clicked compared to the amount of times it is viewed.

Click-Through Rate is the number of times an advertisement is clicked upon over the number of times the advertisement is served.

Web page that readers leave your Web site from.

  • Keyword prominence [edit]

the placement of a keyword in the HTML source code of a web page. The higher up in the page a particular word is, the more prominent it is and thus the more weight that word is assigned by the search engine.

SEO Dictionary

A visitor performing an action (such as submitting a form) to get further information and begin the sales process.

SEO Dictionary

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