seo glossary
  • link velocity [edit]

Link Velocity is used to to describe the speed at which you build links. So if your website has one backlink per month and then suddenly has hundreds links per month it would be seen as unnatural.

  • Local Search Marketing [edit]

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Land Page Optimazation

  • Macro Conversion [edit]
  • A macro conversion occurs when someone completes an action in your website.

mozRank is SEOmoz's link popularity metric that shows how popular (in terms of links) a webpage is on the web.

An action in your website such as placing an order with no further sales process needed.

A score assigned by Google (0-10) which estimates the importance of a web page.

The number of times visitors viewed a page.

Pay Per Click (PPC). You pay only when a user clicks on your ad.

  • Quality Score [edit]

Quality score is used in AdWords to measure the quality of your keword and ad and determining your cost-per-clicks.(CPCs).

It is determined by:

  • Your keyword's CTR
  • relevance of your ad
  • historical keyword performances
  • Other factors