SEO Mistakes


General Strategy

  • SEO should be done regularly.
  • Revisiting keyword lists every month.
  • Not consulting existing Analytics data.
  • Targeting all markets simultaneously.
  • Forgetting about Yahoo and Bing

Market Research

  • Trying to get the same links as your competition.
  • Not tracking industry news.
  • Identifying competitors only based
  • Not being prepared to deal with social media.
  • Failing to deal with negative feedback and reviews online.


  • Focusing on a small number of high volume terms.
  • Using wrong terminology: You might think that notebook is the right term but actually peole use the term laptop ( notebook vs laptop )
  • Chasing unrealistic keywords for your budget.
  • Wrong Expectation on keywords. It's very difficult for your website to compete with old and established websites. For example don't start with "buy car" but use more terms like "buy car in Luton". When you have top ranking, then you can proceed with more general keywords.
  • Setting too many keyowrds
  • Forgetting that search queries are typically much longer than single words.


  • Copying content from other sites.
  • Stuffing contenting with unnatural frequencies of eywords.
  • Putting content in flash files.
  • Creating content that has no value to visitors.
  • Placing a large block of keyword-stuffed "seo content" in the website.


  • Building links from a narrow range of IP addresses.
  • Demanding link volume rather than looking at quality.
  • Not re-checking link equity from established links to make sure good links haven’t gone bad


  • Not redirecting URLs to a canonical domain.
  • Leaving the non-www versoin and the www live simultaneously.
  • Allowing the indexing of URLs with session id variables.
  • Not using keywords within URL structures over numbers.


  • Special Engine Pages: Your SEO landing pages shouldn't be something outside your site.
  • One keyword phrase per page: You can optimize it for 3-5 keyword phrases.
  • No tables should be used
  • Only text links: Search engines can follow and index image links.
  • You can't use flash: You shouldn't create your entier website in Flash. You should avoid putting important content into your flash elements.
  • Google's link: operator tells you all the links that Google knows about: This operator is not accurate.
  • Google's PageRank is important: It's more important how your website will perform in the search results.
  • There is no SEO certification.