SEO Report


  • Pagerank: [5] . For a PR comparison you can use seoette [5]
  • Alexa Traffic Rank [5]
  • Rank Checker for specific keywords: seobook toolbar
  • dmoz listed


  • Use of seoette [5] to compare keywords with competitors.

Link Popularity

  • indexed pages [1]
  • Interior Page Analysis [1]


  • Find important keywords and how competitors are ranked [5]


Optimizing ensures that you give your valuable content the best chance of getting traffic from the web.


Metadata tags allow you to tell the search engines what your web page is about.

  • Page Title [1]
  • Meta Description [1]

Domain Info

  • Domain Age [1]


RSS Feed

Standard way to easily deliver content to visitors. [1]

Conversion Form

Conversion forms are the primary way to get leads from your website. [1]

Blog Analysis

Blogging is a great way to reach your target audience with your thoughts, opinions, and offerings on relevant topics.

Blog Articles

  • How often do you write articles?
  • How often do you receive comments?

Competitor analysis

  • Competitors in organic search [3]
  • Rank checker [6]

Keyword cloud

  • Use of webconfs tool [4]