Social media service for exchanging short messages restricted to 140 characters or less.


The retweet allows users to share tweets they find from others.

How to retweet

RT @nickname title

How to track retweets

The most popular retweets usually reflect the favorite topics of users.

  • Tweetmeme: Tracks the most popular links.
  • twetreach: TweetReach helps businesses measure the impact of social media conversations.


  • Hashtag is a topic with the hash symbol (#).
  • Hashtags help spread information on Twitter
  • Rules on hashtags:
    • Choose a hashtag early and use it consistently.
    • Don't overuse them.

Twitter Lingo

  • DM = Direct Message: A Direct message is a personal message sent via Twitter to one of your followers.
  • @ = Use to reply
  • RT = Retweet

How to build a community in Twitter

  1. Create a user-friendly twitter id.
  2. Search people to follow.
  3. Add your twitter id to all of your signatures.
  4. Reach out and talk with people.
  5. Read the bio of those who follow you and learn something about them.
  6. Promote others