Website Tips
Table of Contents


  1. Set up a webmaster tools account
  2. Install Analytics Tracking: Google Analytics is free and easy to use.
  3. Follow web standards for HTML and CSS.
  4. Generate an XML sitemap.
  5. Create a robots.txt file.
  6. Create a favicon.ico
  7. Fix your homepage
  8. Consistent title structure
  9. Meta-descriptions on every page.
  10. Add social media sharing buttons.
  11. Put non-www to www redirects: Decide what version of your URLs you want to use, and then 301 redirect everything else to the preferred version.
  12. Unique urls for each product/service: Make sure that there is only one unique URL for each product or service your company offers.
  13. Create a custom 404 page
  14. Include keyword-rich alt attributes

What not to do